Miscellaneous articles, image and photo galleries, memorabilia, references and rarities covering all aspects of the blues and associated topics. Please note British Blues is covered separately – please click the tab above.


Blues Memories

Memories – Readers own memories of early blues.


Blues Record Labels

Blues Record Labels – A comprehensive list and details of US and UK/European blues record labels.


Blues Related Locations

Blues Related Locations – Details and images of towns, localities and areas historically related to the blues.


Blues Resting Places

Resting Places – Photographs and details of the final resting places of the early Bluesmakers.


Blues Travelogues

Blues Travelogues – Pilgrimages to the ‘Land Where the Blues Began’.


Commemorative Markers

Alabama Historical Association
– The Alabama Historical Association provides opportunities for meaningful engagement with the past through publications, meetings, historical markers, and other programs.

Department of Arkansas Heritage
– The Department of Arkansas Heritage was created to preserve and promote Arkansas’s natural and cultural heritage, including an historical marker program.

Georgia Historical Society
– The Georgia Historical Society is the statewide institution responsible for collecting, examining, and teaching Georgia history, including historical markers.

Illinois State Historical Society
– The Illinois State Historical Society’s markers program is designed to recognize sites of national or statewide significance, thereby increasing public awareness and appreciation of our state’s rich historical legacy.

Louisiana Tourism Development Commission
– The commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism on matters relating to the development and implementation of programs promoting tourism and the historical, cultural, recreation, and scenic legacy of the state, inclding sitining of historical markers.

Mississippi Blues Trail
– Created by the Mississippi Blues Commission to place interpretive markers at the most notable historical sites related to the birth, growth, and influence of the blues throughout (and in some cases beyond) the state of Mississippi.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
– The department has erected a series of markers throughout Mississippi commemorating important events, places and people in Mississippi history.

Tennessee Historical Commission
– The commission maintains a network of historical markers throughout the State of Tennessee.



Interviews – a selection of interviews with historical blues significance.


Miscellaneous Articles

Miscellaneous Articles – an eclectic mix of blues related articles


Other Associated Themes

Civil Rights Movement
– Evolution of the Civil Rights movement in the context of historical blues sites.

Mississippi Freedom Trail
– Commemorative markers at Mississippi sites recording events in civil rights history.

Underground Railroad
– The network of secret routes and safe houses used by slaves escaping from slave holding states to free states and Canada in early-mid 19th century.



Bessie Smith – A Painting by Gill Smith
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